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14 Aug, 2009

Granite is in..

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Man you should have seen those guys lifting the slabs. I took pitty and grabbed one of John’s boys and joined the struggle to get the island into the house. Hey if they drop im off schedule and besides they were getting tired! It looks awesome. Tile guy will be tiling the master bath on monday and the marble is in around the tub. It looks amazing! There is a nice shot of the purple room as well.

Our temporary Counter

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yes that is cardboard

14 Aug, 2009

We moved in Aug 4th!!

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Yeah baby.. in about 2 weeks John and team finshed the sheet rock.. Primed the walls

Finished three bedrooms hardwood.

We got the kitchen base cabinets in stalled..

Soon after moving in the family started wrecking the place! Elaine and Jessy painted her room.

Madeline has been holding a vigal to ensure no one encroaches on her room and dot took her now infamous walk of fame in the master bath.

Mom and Jess

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Getting Purple in the new room

The rockers Rock. In and out taped ,  hung , sanded  in 2 days. A few things disappeared like a recessed light and water faucet under a layer of sheetrock but nothing a razor knife couldnt find. Check out the photos!

31 Jul, 2009


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We promise more photos later and larger posts but here is a news flash!

John and team are moving like crazy fast to get ready. Our current house closes on Wed Aug 5th and we are moving Tuesday Aug 4th.

Since July 21st they have done 90% of the sheetrock. Most electric rough is covered with temp plugs but permit isnt closed. Upstairs has beedroom floors refinished. Stairs are in.. Doors are in. External lights are up. All internal lights except master bath are in and working.
Final touches on AC are going in.

KITCHEN cabinets were delivered today 2 weeks ahead of schedule and the installer is coming in tommorrow (Saturday)

These guys are Rocking!



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